Add subquestions and answers

Add subquestions and answers

A brief note about subquestions and answer options

Certain question types require subquestions and/or answer options.

When a question is added, the Edit question page is displayed with the question in edit mode. 

If a question requires subquestions and/or answer options, the Subquestions and Answer options tabs are displayed at the bottom of the Edit question page, where subquestions and answer options can be added and saved along with the question.

How to add subquestions

  1. When adding a question that requires sub-questions and answers, click the Subquestions tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. Type in the subquestion text that you want the survey participants to answer. 
  3. Click the green plus (+) sign under the Actions column to add more subquestions.

How to add answer options

  1. Click the Answer options tab.
  2. Type in the answer options.
  3.  Click the green plus (+) sign under the Actions column to add more answer options.

Please note that it depends on the question type if the subquestions tab and/or answer options tab is visible.
For example, a Multiple-choice question type would only show subquestions, a List (Radio) question would only show answer options, an Array question type would show both.
A date question would show neither.

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