Overview - Configuration

Overview - Configuration


To administrate your LimeSurvey installation, click Configuration located in the main navigation bar of the home page.

There are three tabs in the Configuration drop-down menu: Advanced (1), Users (2), and Settings (3).

1. Advanced 

The Advanced tab contains functionalities that you can use to enhance your survey or your LimeSurvey application.

  1. Themes
  2. Label sets
  3. Data integrity
  4. Backup entire database
  5. ComfortUpdate

2. Users 

The Users tab contains options related to user and participant management. You have the ability to offer different survey and/or global permissions to certain users by creating different user groups. Creating user groups makes managing users with different permissions easier.

The central participant database (CPDB) contains survey participants who are allocated to more than one survey and/or are shared with other LimeSurvey survey administrators. 

  • User management
  • User groups
  • User roles
  • Central participant management

3. Settings 

This tab contains options which can be used to customize the LimeSurvey application by editing your personal settings.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Global
  3. Global survey
  4. Plugins
  5. Survey menu
You can also customize your LimeSurvey installation from config.php. For more details, read our wiki on LimeSurvey optional settings.

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