Add a Group

Add a Group

Add group

      1. From the survey structure  tab of your survey click +Add group.

After you click +Add group, the Add question group page will be displayed.

      2. Complete the required fields.

Add group fields

  • Title: Enter the question group name.
  • Description: This field allows you to publish an explanatory note for any set of questions. If you add a description, it will be presented along with the survey before commencing any of the questions in that group. If no text is added, then public participants will simply move straightaway to the survey questions. You can use the HTML editor to include images, formatted text, etc. to your liking.
  • Randomization group: To start randomizing a question group, enter a string into the field such as randgroup1. You will need to enter that same string in all question groups that you want to randomize and which will then appear in a random order when taking the survey. Only places inside the same group will be randomly switched!
  • Relevance equation: You can set a "relevance equation" in this field for the group with the help of the ExpressionScript. This is helpful for "looping" or other cases where you are repeating similar content multiple times. For example, say you want to ask the same set of follow-up questions for each child in a household and you have asked how many children are there via a question named numKids. Then, for each group of follow-up questions you would have to use relevance equations (which would collect data about the third child) such as: numKids == 3.

Hint: Groups can be used to group questions in a survey. If you are going to have multiple groups, you should note that the survey questions will be displayed group by group by default (you can change that from your survey settings). To display the groups in a particular order using the group reordering feature. If you have only one group in your survey then the name of this group is irrelevant (except for the survey format).

Group toolbar

You will find the following options on the top toolbar:
  • Import a group (new question groups can also be added via the import group function)
  • Back (to previous page)
  • +Save & add question
  • +Save & add group
  • Save

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