Distribute Survey

Distribute Survey

Survey distribution

Once you have activated your survey, you can pick a channel to distribute your survey and start collecting responses. Channels you can choose from: 
  1. Anonymous link 
  2. QR Code
  3. Social media
  4. Survey Participants
  5. Panel integration
Please note that 4. Survey Participants is only enabled in closed-access mode. In this section, the survey administrator can invite participants via an email which contains a unique survey link or generate unique access codes for each invited participant. 
The Survey summary page displays the Anonymous link, which can be shared with survey participants.

b. QR Code

Open sharing panel
 opens a panel that displays the options for generating a QR code.

c. Social media

You can also share your survey via Facebook or Twitter by clicking Open sharing panel.

d. Survey participants

Please note that by initializing the survey participants table, the survey's state switched to closed-access mode. People will only be able to access the survey if they have an access code, either manually or by URL which contains the code.

Using the survey participants functionality, you can:
  1. Create participants
  2. Create dummy participants
  3. Send email invitations
  4. Send email reminders
  5. Generate unique access tokens
You can also allow public registration. People who visit your survey's URL without a token will be given the opportunity to register.

e. Panel integration

LimeSurvey provides a way for you to integrate your survey with a professional survey panel provider that provides the participants for you.
Please refer to the Panel integration article for details.

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