Question Settings

Question Settings

Question settings

Note: The question settings panel is displayed when you add/edit a question and is located on the right. The settings displayed may vary based on the question type selected.
Please refer to the screenshot below for a basic overview and brief description of some of the most common General settings.    

Commonly used General settings:
  • Question type: E.g., Multiple Choice, Text, Array, etc.  View the question types section for a description on the various available options.
  • Question group: To change the question group of a question, select the desired group from the dropdown list.
  • Mandatory?: This setting allows you to require survey participants to answer all the mandatory questions before they can move on to the next question. Note that for ranking question, all items have to be ranked.
Note: As you can see in the above screenshot for the Short free text question type, besides General settings, the following setting are also available: 
  1. Display
  2. Input
  3. Location
  4. Logic
  5. Other
  6. Statistics
  7. Timer
As previously stated, the settings options can be different for each question type. Please consult the documentation for your particular question type.

To learn more about the different ways of designing questions in LimeSurvey, please refer to the section on question themes.

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