Help! I accidentally closed my survey - what now?

Help! I accidentally closed my survey - what now?

If you closed your survey accidentally, it is important that you do not change anything in your survey. 

To recover your data:
  1. Activate your survey again.
  2. Select Responses from the survey toolbar.
  3. Click Import and select the "Import answers from a deactivated survey table" menu entry.
  4. Choose your source table.
  5. Click Import located in the upper-right part of the screen.

Warning : You can import all of the old responses that are compatible with your current survey. Compatibility is determined by comparing column types and names, the ID field being always ignored. Using type coercion may cause serious issues with your data; use it with care or not at all if possible.

Import deactivated table into a new survey.png

Currently, LimeSurvey detects and handles the following changes:

  • Question is moved to another group (result is imported correctly).
  • Question is removed from target (result is ignored).
  • Question is added to target (result is set to database default value).
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