How can I Delete my account?

How can I Delete my account?

Delete LimeSurvey account

Access your account page on After login you will see the Login details section.

At the bottom of this section there is a link 'Delete my account'.
  1. Click the delete my account link.
  2. Confirm the deletion.
take down my account
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      To delete your LimeSurvey Cloud instance: Navigate to your profile page to see an overview of your installations. Click 'Edit'. On the bottom of the next page click 'Delete now'. Confirm the deletion. Please note that on deleting an installation any ...
    • My account has been archived, what should I do?

      If you received a notification email stating that your account is about to be archived or has already been archived, please see below: You can recover your archived account by logging in to Once you successfully log in using ...
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      Yes. Your subscription will revert back to the FREE plan after the paid period is over (assuming that you cancelled it). Please note that some features (such as domain aliasing) are only available with a paid subscription.
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