How to cite LimeSurvey

How to cite LimeSurvey

Citing the tools and software you used in your research is essential for the reproducibility and credibility of your work. Here’s how you might go about citing LimeSurvey in different citation styles in the text and references sections of your bachelor thesis or any scientific paper or use case:

APA-Style (7th Edition):

Data was collected using an online survey administered through LimeSurvey (LimeSurvey GmbH, n.d.).

LimeSurvey GmbH. (n.d.). LimeSurvey: An open source survey tool. LimeSurvey GmbH.


(LimeSurvey GmbH, n.d.)

LimeSurvey GmbH. n.d. “LimeSurvey: An Open Source Survey Tool.” Accessed [insert date].

MLA (8th Edition)

(LimeSurvey GmbH)

Works Cited:
LimeSurvey GmbH. “LimeSurvey: An Open Source Survey Tool.” LimeSurvey, [insert last update date or n.d. if not available]. Web. [insert date of access].


(LimeSurvey GmbH, n.d.)

Reference list:
LimeSurvey GmbH. (n.d.) LimeSurvey: An Open Source Survey Tool. Available at: (Accessed: [insert date]).

Please also note:
Always check the most up-to-date guidelines for each citation style, as they may change over time.
Ensure to include the access date for online resources, as websites can be updated or removed.
It could be helpful to include the specific LimeSurvey version you used for your research.

Remember to adhere to your university's specific guidelines or your instructor’s preferences when citing software tools or any other resources in your thesis.

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