I forgot my admin password. How do I reset it?

I forgot my admin password. How do I reset it?

As a super-admin, if you have forgotten your password to login to your Cloud Survey application, you can reset your password from your LimeSurvey.org account.
  1. Log in to https://account.limesurvey.org/. If you have problems logging into LimeSurvey.org, use https://account.limesurvey.org/forgot-your-password to request a new password. After you have received the password by email, use the new password to log in at https://account.limesurvey.org/.
  2. After successfully logging in, go to https://account.limesurvey.org/index.php?option=com_users&view=profile . In the row 'Application password' there is a link  labeled 'Reset' to reset the password for your LimeSurvey Cloud application. Click that button and a new random password will be shown.

Use that new password to log in to your LimeSurvey Cloud application administration. After you log in, you can change the password.

Note: Changing your password in the LimeSurvey Cloud will NOT change your password for account.limesurvey.org and vice versa.

Also note: Non-super-admin users cannot log in to LimeSurvey.org.

You can reset a non super-admin admin account from the Cloud application admin login page.

Click the "forgotten password" link and enter your username and password.
If for some reason this does not work, contact an admin with the right permission to change the password for you (user management).

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