I've deleted storage data but my survey is still locked. What do I do?

I've deleted storage data but my survey is still locked. What do I do?

After you have deleted data, you can go to Global settings , select the Storage tab, and click "Calculate storage" to update your storage counter.

Wait a few seconds and reload the page to see the new storage count.

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      If you delete responses and surveys, the space occupied by those items will be freed. If you want to keep the uploaded files, please observe that they will not be included in an exported survey archive file (*.lsa)! You must manually go to response ...
    • Is my survey data in LimeSurvey Cloud encrypted?

      We are very concerned about security. Your survey/response data is stored in a separate database with a separate user name/password for each LimeSurvey Cloud instance. The connection is encrypted if you are using SSL connections (that is the default ...
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      When your storage exceeds the allowed limit of your subscription package, all surveys which contain upload question types will be blocked.  Also you will not be able to upload files for your survey content anymore. To unlock these surveys/unblock the ...
    • I accidentally deleted a question/question group/survey!

      If you deleted it, it cannot be retrieved. Only a backup can help you recover it. Please open a support ticket and ask the team to provide you the backup associated to your account. Please note that this service is not free of charge!