Import a Question

Import a Question

Importing a question

The following steps demonstrate how to import a question to a survey. 
1. From within a survey, click the Structure tab.

2. From the Create question page, click Import question at the top of the page.

The Import a question options will be displayed.

3. Click Browse and select the .lsq file (which is the LimeSurvey question-type format).

4. Select the Destination question group that you want to add the imported question to.

5. Choose whether or not you would like to Automatically rename the question code if it already exits.  If the question code already exists, enable this option to use another question code. You can also have two questions that use the same question code. However, some issues might appear if you use more complex LimeSurvey options such as the ExpressionScript or when you work with the exported data in R or SPSS (qcode becoming a value label).
Help.png Hint: To verify if the question codes are unique across your survey, use the Show logic file LimeSurvey function to highlight the similar question codes.
6. Choose whether or not to Convert resource links.  This option is usually used together with the ExpressionScript to create advanced question types. If you use them together, complex branching, assessments, validation, and/or tailoring can be done.

7. Choose whether or not to go to the question after it has been imported.

8. Click Import located on the upper right part of the screen.
The Question import summary will be displayed. 
Import a question 3.png

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