LimeSurvey 6

LimeSurvey 6

To give you an overview and basic understanding of LimeSurvey 6, our latest and most advanced version yet, please check out this article.
You can also refer to our newly written blog post on LimeSurvey 6 where you will find all of this information in more detail.

What's New in LimeSurvey 6?

Redesigned User Experience

  1. All-new design system: The platform has a new look, making your survey journey even more enjoyable.
  2. Default Admin Theme: Our updated theme for administrators reduces distractions, enhancing clarity and focus. Whether it's the dashboard, user management, or tooltips - everything's been reworked!
  3. “Fruity Twentythree” Theme: Your survey participants will appreciate our redesigned theme. It's all about ensuring that they find your surveys attractive and easy to navigate.

Updated Question Types

  1. We've refreshed all our question types according to the latest design. From basic yes/no inquiries to intricate arrays, each question now offers an engaging experience for participants.

User Interface Enhancements

  1. Action Buttons: These are now conveniently located on the far right side of tables. Simply click on the action button to explore the next best actions.
  2. Survey Settings & Menu: We've refined the design, ensuring that your survey creation and management process is sleek and user-friendly.
  3. Streamlined Activation & Stop: Activating your survey has become more straightforward, while stopping a survey provides enhanced guidance.

Language Support

LimeSurvey 6 supports 40+ languages! This means:

  1. Global Reach: Your surveys can now cater to a vast international audience.
  2. Improved Response Rates: Native language surveys tend to see higher participation.
  3. Quality Responses: Expect more accurate and detailed responses from participants answering in their native language.
  4. Cultural Inclusivity: Showcase your appreciation for diverse cultures by offering surveys in multiple languages.

Other updates

  1. Right-to-left Orientation: We've ensured that right-to-left language users have a seamless experience.
  2. Bug Fixes: We've squashed a zillion bugs to enhance the platform's stability.

If you're interested, you can get started with LimeSurvey 6 for free and try it.
Happy surveying!

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