Glossary of terms

Anonymous Survey:
The answers of survey respondents are not matched to the respondent. 

Answer options:
The sub-questions options that a survey respondent has to choose from. 

Bounced Email:
This is an email that has been returned as "undeliverable".

Central Participant Database
A database that can be created that allows an administrator to store participant information in a central table - independent of any survey participants table.

Closing a Survey:
Closing a survey prevents participants from participating. Any survey links provided become invalid.

Cloud (LimeSurvey):
Hosting is provided by LimeSurvey.

This is an extension for the LimeSurvey Community Edition that makes it easy to update self-hosted installations to the latest version.

Community Edition (LimeSurvey):
LimeSurvey's Community Edition is self-hosted. LimeSurvey does not provide hosting services.

End URL:
Entering an End URL will redirect users to another page when the survey is completed.

Label sets:
Label sets are list templates where each list has a set of codes with labels that can be used in most question types either as answers or as sub-questions.

Certain question types require sub-questions and answers (sub-questions provide more detail and more information to answer your main research question). 

Survey Group:
Groups are a way to organize your surveys by placing them into categories.