Overview - Questions & Sub-qestions

Overview - Questions & Sub-qestions

Please Note: A survey consists of question groups which contain one or more questions. Therefore, you must create a question group first before you add questions to your survey. For more details on question groups, view the following wiki section on adding and editing groups.

Add a question

Once you have created your question groups, you can add questions to each group. There are several ways to add questions. A few are presented below.

1. You can add questions by clicking Add question from the Survey structure menu

2. You can select a question group and select add new question to group on the quick action button.

3. You can also add questions from the Settings tab: Settings (1) -> Question list (2) -> +Add new question (3)

Question types

1. To change the question type, you must first open the question in edit mode and click Question type.

2. Then select the desired question type from the Select question type menu. To help ensure that you choose the correct question type, a preview of the question type is displayed in the Select question type panel.

Note: Check our introduction to questions section for more information.
LimeSurvey offers the following question types:
  1. Array
  2. Mask
  3. Multiple choice
  4. Single choice
  5. Text
Usually, a question only has answers. But there are certain question types (like the Array question type) that have a main question, sub-questions and answer options for the sub-questions. Sub-questions can be answered by the survey participant often by using a predefined scale of answer options.

A more complex example is the question type Array (Texts) where the respondent has to enter values for combinations. In this case, the value entered by the respondent is the answer and the two scales on the array are two scales of sub-questions.

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