Simple Plugins

Simple Plugins

Important.png  Attention: The following wiki section covers how to install and activate a plugin. Note that third-party plugins may not be safe to run!  Please, proceed carefully! In the case you do need to use a plugin, but you do not know whether you should run it or not, contact your LimeSurvey instance provider!

Simple Plugins

The following panel allows you to access the settings of the active LimeSurvey plugins (they are located in the Plugin manager).

To access the local plugin panel, from the
Settings tab, under Survey menu, select Simple plugins.

A page with all the active plugins that allow survey administrators to choose certain plugin-related settings will be displayed:

Important.png Attention : Please note that certain providers limit the access to third-party plugins. For example, LimeSurvey GmbH provides Professional packages (quick access to LimeSurvey instances) without providing the necessary permissions to its users to install third-party plugins because of security concerns - e.g., the installation of an unsupported plugin may cause major issues with your LimeSurvey instance.

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