Style a Question

Style a Question

Styling questions with CSS

Styling of questions using CSS has become much easier. Each question type now has a unique class. The mandatory questions have an additional mandatory class. 

Please refer to the Styling a question with CSS section for details on the topics listed below:
  1. Global Classes for Question Part
  2. Examples of Question Part with Classes
  3. A Full List of Question Classes
  4. A Full List of Validation Classes
  5. Importing Styles into Your Custom Template
  6. Internet Explorer Conditional Style sheets
  7. Alternative Solutions for Internet Explorer
  8. Right-to-Left (RTL) Languages and Justify
  9. Keywords
  10. Input/Buttons
  11. Styling the Progress Bar
  12. Advanced Features Available to Developers
  13. Support for Your Own Javascript Functions
It is possible to edit the question layout/design with CSS using the theme editor. 
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