Overview - Survey List

Overview - Survey List

Overview - Survey list

Surveys are created and edited in the Survey Settings and Survey Structure tabs. From the Survey List page, you can get to the survey builder by:
  1. creating a new survey
  2. clicking on an existing survey from the Survey List
  3. or clicking the General settings & text icon.

  1. Clicking +Create new survey and following the create a survey steps takes you to the Survey Structure tab.
  2. Clicking on an existing survey takes you to the Survey settings tab.
  3. Clicking the General settings & text (gearwheel) icon takes you to the Survey settings tab.
Depending on your choice, you will either be directed to the Survey settings or Survey structure of the Survey builder where you can further build your survey. 

About the survey settings tab

The settings tab contains (1) the Survey settings and (2) the Survey menu.

  1. The Survey settings allows users to edit different survey-related settings, such as themes (look and feel) and how the survey is presented to participants.
  2. The Survey menu deals with the workflow of a survey, including questions/question groups and inviting/managing survey participants.

About the survey structure tab

The Structure tab displays the structure of the survey: (1) question groups and (2) questions.

Your survey will be listed on the Survey List page after following the create a survey steps.
Below, all elements of the list are explained in more detail:

  1. Action: This column presents the actions that are available for each survey:
      1. Settings - small symbol.png - General settings & text: You will be redirected to the General settings & text tab.
      2. Add new quesiton small symbol.png - Add a new question: Used when you want to quickly add a question to the survey.
      3. Statistics small symbol.png - Statistics: The survey statistics ("simple" mode) will be shown if this button is clicked.
  2. Survey ID: When created, the survey receives a unique ID that is used to make the connection between different LimeSurvey tables in the database.
  3. Status: Status of available surveys:
    1. active - If this option is selected, all surveys, except inactive surveys, are displayed.
    2. active and running - Active survey symbol.png
    3. inactive - Inactive survey.png
    4. active but expired - Expired survey icon.png
    5. active but not yet started - Active but not yet started icon.png
  4. Title: The title of the survey.
  5. Group: The survey group that the survey belongs to.
  6. Created: The date when the survey was created.
  7. Owner: The name of the user who owns the survey.
  8. Anonymized responses: This shows whether the responses are anonymized when stored into the database or not.
  9. Partial: The number of surveys that were partially completed.
  10. Full: The number of surveys that were fully completed.
  11. Total: The number of partially and fully completed surveys.
  12. Closed group: This is either "Yes" (if a Survey Participants table is used) or "No".
You can click the Survey groups tab to see a list of survey groups (and by selecting a group, display the surveys that belong to that group).

If you want to search for a specific survey, use the search bar and filter the results via the survey status field (active, active and running, inactive, active but expired, and active but not yet started).

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