What happens if I exceed my response volume?

What happens if I exceed my response volume?

Initially, we will send you a notice by email that your response volume is getting low - you can set this warning limit in your account settings after registering.

Please make sure your email address is always correct.

If your available Survey Response balance falls below zero, your participants will no longer be able to answer your survey(s) and we will send another email.

If you are using the FREE plan, your access to LimeSurvey will be locked. In that case, you will have to wait until the end of your month period for it to be unlocked automatically or buy a subscription plan.

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    • Does the unused response volume expire at the end of a subscription period?

      Yes. At the end of each subscription period your response quota is reset. For example, the response quota of the BASIC package will be reset to 1000 at the end of the month.
    • How do I keep an overview of my response usage?

      Your "Your profile & services" page has a menu item on the left called "Response usage" which is where you can view detailed statistics about your response usage. The following graphs are available: Hourly response count during the last 24 hours ...
    • What happens when my storage exceeds the storage limit?

      When your storage exceeds the allowed limit of your subscription package, all surveys which contain upload question types will be blocked.  Also you will not be able to upload files for your survey content anymore. To unlock these surveys/unblock the ...
    • What is the meaning of "Storage used" in the LimeSurvey header bar?

      In the top-right corner of the admin interface you can see how much storage you are using and how much your maximum storage limit is. Every file you or your participants upload to the installation (like pictures, documents or possibly videos) is ...
    • How are responses counted?

      A response is counted if a participant completes your survey once, regardless of how many questions or question groups your survey contains. Examples: A survey is taken and completed => 1 response A survey is taken and only half completed => 0.5 ...