What is "storage reminder percentage"?

What is "storage reminder percentage"?

Storage reminder percentage is a setting in your account profile.

This setting controls when your storage alert e-mail will be sent out.  For example, if you enter the value 10 (10%, default value) and have 100 MB total storage (Basic package), when your used storage reaches 90 MB (10% space left), an e-mail will be sent out to the administrator of the installation. If you entered the value 50, the warning would be send out when half of your storage is used, and so on.

See the other FAQ items about storage and for more information about which actions to take when your storage reaches its limit.

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      When your storage exceeds the allowed limit of your subscription package, all surveys which contain upload question types will be blocked.  Also you will not be able to upload files for your survey content anymore. To unlock these surveys/unblock the ...
    • Where can I see what storage space is used?

      Storage is found under the Global settings tab:  Configuration -> Global -> Storage Click "Calculate storage" and the page will show how much space your surveys, templates and labels are using:
    • How do I free my used storage?

      If you delete responses and surveys, the space occupied by those items will be freed. If you want to keep the uploaded files, please observe that they will not be included in an exported survey archive file (*.lsa)! You must manually go to response ...
    • I've deleted storage data but my survey is still locked. What do I do?

      After you have deleted data, you can go to Global settings , select the Storage tab, and click "Calculate storage" to update your storage counter. Wait a few seconds and reload the page to see the new storage count.
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