Where and how is my survey data hosted/stored?

Where and how is my survey data hosted/stored?

When you register with LimeSurvey and log in for the first time, you'll initiate the process of creating your survey site. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of the steps involved in setting up your survey site and choosing a server location for hosting your data:

1. Automatic Server Selection:
  1.    Upon your initial login, LimeSurvey will automatically select a server location based on your IP address.

2. Manual Server Selection (Optional):
  1.    If you prefer to select the server location manually:
     1. Click the `skip` link located in the upper right corner of the "Create survey site" screen to bypass the automatic selection.
     2. You will be redirected to the "Your Account" page.

3. Accessing Account Details:
  1.    On the "Your Account" page:
     1. Locate and click on the "Account Details" tab.
     2. Find the "Your Survey Site" section.

4. Creating or Modifying Your Survey Site:
  1.    If creating for the first time:
     1. Click on the `Create Survey Site` button.
  1.    If you wish to change the server location of an existing survey site:
     1. Click on the `Delete Survey Site` button under the "Your Survey Site" section.
     2. Then click on the `Create Survey Site` button again.

5. Choosing Your Server Location:
  1.    You will now have the option to select a server location from the list of available locations:
     - Germany (GDPR compliant)
     - Finland (GDPR compliant)
     - United Kingdom
     - USA
     - Canada
     - Australia
  1.    Once a location is selected, your data will be exclusively hosted and stored on a server in the chosen country.
This structured setup ensures the secure hosting of your survey data in a server location of your choice, aligning with your preferences or regulatory compliance requirements.