Overview - Dashboard

Overview - Dashboard

Overview - Dashboard

The following is an overview of the Survey Dashboard page. By default, this page contains:
  1. The navigation bar
  2. Shortcut to create a new survey
  3. Shortcut to list available surveys
  4. Shortcut to global settings
  5. Shortcut to ComfortUpdate (for LimeSurvey Community Edition users only)
  6. Shortcut to the LimeStore (for LimeSurvey extensions)
  7. Shortcut to themes

1. The top navigation bar contains the following links:
  1. Create survey: Click here to begin creating surveys
  2. Surveys: Lists all of your existing surveys
  3. Help: Contains links to the LimeSurvey Manual, forums, bug tracker and LimeSurvey homepage
  4. Configuration: Contains: (a) more advanced LimeSurvey features, (b) functionality for configuring your user settings and (c) functionality for configuring basic LimeSurvey application settings
  5. Notifications: Displays system notifications
  6. Admin: Items here allow you to make changes to your profile, personal settings, personal menu, personal menu entries, and to logout
Note: Once you have created and activated surveys, an Active surveys tab will also appear in the main navigation bar.

2. Clicking the Create survey box is another way to begin creating surveys.

3. List all of your existing surveys by clicking in the List surveys box.

4. Advanced, Users, and Settings tabs can be found by clicking in the Global settings box.

5. Information pertaining to LimeSurvey Community Edition users is displayed by clicking in the ComfortUpdate box. ComfortUpdate makes it easy to update self-hosted installations to the latest version.

6. Clicking the LimeStore box takes you to the LimeSurvey extension marketplace. This feature is still in beta.

7. Clicking in the Themes box takes you directly to the themes functionality where you can edit surveys, admin and question themes.
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