Edit a Question

Edit a Question

Edit a question

The following section will explain how to edit a question.  Please refer to the Add a question article for details on how to add questions.

There are two ways to edit a question - from the Structure tab and from the Settings tab.

I. Edit a question from the Structure tab:

  1. Click the Structure tab.
  2. Select the question that you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.

The Edit question page will be displayed.  From this page you  can edit the following:
  1. Question code
  2. Question type
  3. Question (text)
  4. Help

1. Question code: The ID, number or code for the question that is used for quick identification. This field is normally not displayed to survey participants unless specified in the Presentation panel - Show question number and/or code.  This is especially useful if you wish to use the LimeSurvey assessments feature and/or the ExpressionScript.
Note: The question code must be unique across the same survey, must start with a letter, and can only contain alphanumeric characters. If you ever try to export your data to SPSS or R, you will discover that the "qcode" becomes the value label, so you have to make the code unique. For the time being, LimeSurvey will support legacy code values, but the Show logic file button will color code such questions so that you know to change their names.
2. Question type: Choose from the list of five question types (single choice, array, multiple choice, text and mask).

3. Question: This is the actual question being asked (the text displayed to the participant). There is no real limit to the length of the question here, however if you want to explain how to fill out the question, leave that for the "Help" field. HTML-code can be used, e.g., for including images.
Hint: You can also use the HTML WYSIWYG editor, which offers a GUI to perform the most important tasks such as using different fonts or sizes, including images, etc.
4. Help: This is an optional field. It is useful if a question needs explanation or you want to explain how it should be answered. When you put text in this field, a "question mark" icon appears on the survey entry screens with the help text right beside it.

II.  Edit a question from the Settings tab:

  1. Click on the Settings tab .
  2. Select Question list.
  3. Click the Edit question icon (pencil) of the question that you want to edit.

Note: The settings of a question can also be changed from this page.  For more details please refer to the Question settings article.

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