Overview - Configuration Tab

Overview - Configuration Tab


The Configuration tab contains three menusAdvanced, Users, and Settings.

Advanced menu

The functionality here can be used to change survey themes, add/edit label sets, check for data consistency, and do a backup of your database.  It also contains ComfortUpdate information for LimeSurvey Community Edition users.

Users menu

The Users tab contains options related to user and participant management.  You have the ability to offer different survey permissions and/or global permissions to certain users by creating different  user groups makes managing users with different permissions easier.

The central participant database (CPDB) contains survey participants who are allocated to more than one survey and/or are shared with other LimeSurvey survey administrators.

Four options are located under the Users tab.

  1. User management
  2. User groups
  3. User roles
  4. Central participant management

Settings menu

This tab contains five options that can be used to customize your LimeSurvey installation.

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